Medieval university buildings and bursae in Vienna

Courtesy: Archive of the University of Vienna, picture archive Originator: Friedmund Hueber, Richard Perger Signatur: 106.I.716

Original map Nr. AUA 8549 from Richard Perger Friedmund Hueber in the Archive of the University of Vienna. The map shows the district near Stubentor with the numbering of houses according to the Hofquartierbuch from 1566. In this area are situated the colleges, bursae and coderies of the university.

The university buildings are shaded, the bursae framed. Some of the most important buildings:

Collegium ducale (Duke's College, 1385-1623 central building of the University of Vienna): Nr. 1151 A, B u. C

Neue Schule (Nova structura, erected 1422-1425): Nr. 1150 A, B u. C

Karzer (prison for students): Nr. 1149

Studentenspital, since 1521 Library (1623 demolished): Nr. 1098 A

Paulusburse or Bursa Haidenhaim: Nr. 1097

Lammburse (Bursa Agni): Nr. 1121

Bruckburse: Nr. 1122

Lilienburse: Nr. 1137

Schlesierburse: 1140

Rosenburse: Nr. 1146

Kodrei Goldberg: Nr. 1155

Ärztehaus (building of the medical school 1440-1525): Nr. 936

Juristenschule (building of the law school ): Nr. 1014

Studienanstalt des Zisterzienserordens (from time to time used as home for poor students): Nr. 982