Bartholomäus Ritter von Carneri

3.11.1821 – 18.5.1909

philosopher, writer, politician, styrian member of Parliament


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Honorary Doctorate Dr. phil. h.c. 1900/01 Faculty of Philosophy

Studied phiosophy and law at the University of Vienna, 1857-83 administered his estate Wildhaus in Styria, 1885-91 lived in Graz. Since 1861 he belonged to the Styrian parliament, 1870-1890 to the Imperial Council (German-Liberal); opponent of Taaffe, but with growing radicalism was no longer elected as too moderate and retired from political life. Carneri was an evolutionist, an eclectic follower of Darwin and Feuerbach, and an "agnostic" monist, advocating a "practical" idealism in ethics that conceived of morality as a socially conditioned way of life.

In addition to poems - Poems (1857), "Plough and Sword" (1862), "Hungarian Folk Songs and Ballads, Germanized" (1892) -, essays and political pamphlets, he wrote "Morality and Darwinism" (Vienna 1871, 2nd ed. 1903); "Gefühl, Bewußtsein, Wille" (Vienna 1876); "Der Mensch als Selbstzweck" (Vienna 1877); "Grundlegung der Ethik" (Vienna 1881); "Entwickelung und Glückseligkeit" (Vienna 1886); "Der moderne Mensch. Versuche über Lebensführung" (Bonn 1890, 7th ed. 1902); "Empfindung und Bewußtsein" (Bonn 1893, 2nd ed. 1906). He also translated Dante's "Divine Comedy" (Halle 1901).

RA GZ 2288 ex 1900/01

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