Doris Oppenheim, verh. Liffmann (Liffman)

born in Wien, Austria


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Monument for Art Historians 2008/09 Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies
Monument for Historians 2022 Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies

Doris OPPENHEIM studied  at the Philosophical School of the University of Vienna in 1937/38 and took courses in Art History.
Doris Oppenheim emigrated to London/England in September 1938, where she worked as a housemaid with a temporary residence permit.
At the end of the year 1938 she received the permission for her entry into Australia and emigrated to her sister Cora who resided in Melbourne. She found a job as a secretary and translator at the shipping agency Mullay & Byrnes. In May 1939 she met the German emigrant Herbert Liffman (1908-1989), who commissioned the agency to transport of his furniture from Germany. They became a couple. As the beginning of World War II in September 1939 terminated the shipping traffic with Germany, Doris Oppenheim lost her job at the shipping agency. She worked under the name "Pauline Dorette" as demonstrator of cosmetics in big department stores, later as a sales assistant in a confectionery , as a manufacturer of gloves and as a secretary in a customs agency.
Doris Oppenheim and Herbert Liffman got engaged in 1941 and married on March 13th, 1942. In 1942 her parents were deported to Theresienstadt [Terezín/Czech Republic], where her father died in 1943. Her mother followed her daughters to Australia.

Doris Oppenheim’s name is mentioned at the monument 'Denkmal für Ausgegrenzte, Emigrierte und Ermordete des Kunsthistorischen Instituts der Universität Wien' at the Campus of the University of Vienna.

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