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Gate of Remembrance Johannes-Tor 1998/99

St. John the Apostle and Evangelist has been the patron saint of the Faculty of Catholic Theology since 1389. The patron saint's day was originally celebrated on December 27, but was then moved to May 6 due to its proximity to Christmas ("Joannes ante Portam Latinam").

One of the "Gates of Remembrance" on the campus of the University of Vienna was named after him in 1998 (Johannes-Tor, between Spitalgasse 2 and courtyard 4). The original naming of this gate probably refers to the hospital "Johannes in der Siechenals", which in the 17th century was located on the right bank of the Als, which flows towards the Danube through today's Spitalgasse. Today, a statue of St. John Nepomuk (18th century), Prague's popular "bridge saint" and blood witness for the inviolability of confessional secrecy, stands near the gate. (The original location of the statue is assumed to be on the former Alser Bridge).

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  • Statue Hl. Johannes Nepomuk

    Barock-Skulptur der Hl. Johannes Nepomuk, "Brückenheiliger", aus dem Hof 4 des Campus der Univerität Wien, stand im 18. Jh. vermutlich an der nahen...

    Courtesy: Universität Wien, Institut für Kunstgeschichte Originator: Andreas Winkel Signatur: Sondersammlungen