Rose Rand, Prof. Dr.

14.6.1903 – 28.7.1980
born in Lemberg, Galicia | Lwiw, Ukraine died in Princeton, New Jersey, United States

Member of the Wiener Kreis

After Rozalia (Rose) Rand had graduated from high school ('Reformrealgymnasium') in Vienna 2nd district, Hollandstraße, on July 3rd, 1924, she started her studies in philosophy in fall term 1924/25 at the Philosophical School of the University of Vienna. She was finally enrolled in spring term 1928 in the 4th year of her studies. Her teachers included Heinrich Gomperz, Moritz Schlick, and Rudolf Carnap.
Until the completion of her dissertation Rose Rand continued her philosophical studies and was most active in the Vienna Circle from 1930 on, participated in the Vienna Circle meetings regularly and kept records of these discussions. Between 1930 and 1937 she worked at the Psychiatric-neurological University Clinic and earned money as a teacher high schools and at the University.
Rose Rand wasn't enrolled at the Philosophical School any more in 1938, but was preparing for the final exams ('Rigorosen'). She registered for the final exams in Philosophy on June 28th, 1937 and passed the first 'Rigorosum' on July 4th, 1938. Her dissertation 'T. Kotarbinskis Philosophie' was accepted on July 6th, 1937 and she also passed the second 'Rigorosum' on December 15th, 1937. She could finally finish her studies and graduated on July 21st, 1938, but only with the discriminating ceremony of a 'Nichtarierpromotion', which included at the same time that she was banned from her profession.

In 1939 she emigrated to London as a Jew without nationality, where she first worked as a nurse. She was accepted as a student at the faculty of Moral Science of Cambridge University, but – as a foreigner – had to quit her studies in 1943. Then she had to work at a metal factory, and teach night classes in German and psychology in the Luton Technical College and Tottenham Technical College. With a research grant she was able to attend Oxford University.

In 1954 Rand emigrated to the USA, taught math, ancient philosophy and logic and was a research associate, in the University of Chicago, Indiana University Northwest in Gary and Notre Dame University, from 1959 on in Cambridge, Massachusetts and after that in Princeton, New Jersey.

Vienna University Archive /Philosophical School: Nationale 1924-1928, final examination registry ('Rigorosenprotokoll'), No. 13686, final examination file ('Rigorosenakt') PH RA No. 13686.

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