• Szepter des Rektors der Universität Wien (1558)

    Das Wiener Universitäts- oder Rektorsszepter stammt aus dem Jahre 1558. Der silberne, teilweise vergoldete, sechsseitige Schaft wird von vier Knäufen...

    Courtesy: Archive of the University of Vienna Signatur: 106.I.3836


University cultures

Tradition and representation

In its 650 years of history various traditions have developed and were used for representational purposes at the University of Vienna. Apart from old traditions that date back to the Middle Ages such as the university’s insignia, this includes monuments which have especially shaped the University of Vienna’s Main Building with the arcaded courtyard as a memorial to Austrian scientific history. Some of these monuments have remained topics of public discussion until today. Academic celebrations – including anniversaries of the foundation of the university – and tributes to laureates can also be seen as part of the university culture and its self-representation.



Katharina Kniefacz