Alfred Tauber, tit. o. Prof. Dr. phil.

5.11.1866 – 26.7.1942
born in Pressburg, Hungary | Bratislava, Slovakia died in Ghetto Theresienstadt | Terezín, Czech Republic


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Memorial Plaque of Honor Mathematics 1984 Faculty of Natural Sciences

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  • Alfred Tauber, Mathematiker

    Alfred Tauber, Mathematik, um 1915

    Courtesy: Archive of the University of Vienna, picture archive Signatur: 106 I 91


  • Commemorative plaque, Department of Mathematics

    Commemorative plaque, Department of Mathematics at UZA IV (Vienna 9., Althanstraße), moved 2013 with the School of Mathematics to the new site Vienna...

    Courtesy: Private Archive Herbert Posch, Vienna Originator: Herbert Posch