Gertraut Ehrmann-Binder, Dr. med.

28.4.1915 – 31.10.1997
born in Wien, Austria died in Wien, Austria


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Gate of Remembrance Pfleger-Ehrmann-Tor 1998/99

Gertraut Binder, born in 1915 in Ljubljana/Krain, the daughter of secondary school professor Julius Josef Binder (1860-1931) and Friederike, née Breiner (1889-?), graduated from the Bundesrealgymnasium in Villach and passed her school-leaving examination (Matura) in Graz in 1933 before studying medicine at the University of Vienna.

Shortly before completing her studies, she married the Viennese doctor and Nazi district medical leader Dr. Erich Ehrmann (1904-1990) in Vienna-Währing in December 1938 and graduated as Gertraut Ehrmann-Binder on 6 October 1939. Her daughter Lore was born in May 1940

After completing her doctorate, she worked for some time at the Institute of Pathology and Anatomy at Vienna General Hospital and then worked as a visiting doctor at the University Eye Clinic (Prof. Meller) for a year until October 1940.
She then worked in her husband's general practice until 1947 (divorced in 1948). As a member of the NSDAP since 1940, she was considered incriminated by the Nazis in 1945, from 1947 as less incriminated and was "de-registered" in 1949.

From October 1947 she worked for a few months at the I. Med. Univ. clinic (Prof. Lauda) as a visiting doctor, from May 1948 for a few months at the I. Chirurg. University Clinic (Prof. Schönbauer) as a visiting doctor, including some time on the urology ward. From October 1948 to 1951 she was an unpaid volunteer doctor at the University Clinic for Venereal and Skin Diseases (Prof. Wiedmann), then employed as a clinical assistant doctor until 1953 and as a non-permanent university assistant from 1953 to 1959.

In 1959, she left the University of Vienna and was taken on as a hospital doctor and head of the serodiagnostic ward in the municipality of Vienna (AKH directorate).

In 1968, she was one of the first women to qualify as a professor in dermatovenerology at the University of Vienna.

She specialized in dermatology and worked, among other things, on the serology of syphilis and worked at the II University Dermatology Clinic, where she headed the serology laboratory. She published numerous articles, including on the morphology and biology of spirochaetes and experimental syphilis as well as on classical Lues serology and the so-called Nelson test (Treponema pallidum immobilization test), which also appeared in respected handbooks (supplementary work to the Jadassohn handbook).

Gertrude Ehrmann-Binder died in Vienna in 1997.


At the suggestion of the Faculty of Medicine, she was honored in 1998 by the naming of one of the "Gates of Remembrance" on the campus of the University of Vienna together with Victoria Lilly Pfleger-Schwarz (Pfleger-Ehrmann Gate, passageway from Courtyard 2 to Courtyard 4)


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