Hans Vollmar, Univ.-Ass. Dr.

8.6.1915 – 5.4.1945
born in Baden-Baden, Germany died in Wien, Austria


Ehrung Titel Datierung Fakultät
Monument Gedenktafel Chemie 1947 Faculty of Philosophy
Monument Gedenkwand der Fakultät für Chemie 2018 Faculty of Chemistry

Hans Vollmar was an assistant at the I Chemical Laboratory and a member of a resistance group. He was shot by Professor Jörn Lange on April 5, 1945, when he tried to prevent the destruction of the electron microscope.

At the Faculty of Chemistry in Vienna 9, Währinger Str. 42, a memorial plaque has commemorated him and Kurt Horeischy since 1947, donated by the Association of Academic Freedom Fighters.

In 1995 and 2005 commemorative events were held at the Chemical Institute (2005: "Resistance to Nazi rule at the Chemical Institute of the University of Vienna", organized by the student union "ÖH" and the Austrian resistance Archive "DÖW2).

In 2018, the memorial plaque for Vollmar and Horeischy (together with that for Jacques Pollak) was moved slightly and artistically re-contextualized in the memorial wall of the Faculty of Chemistry by Bele Marx and Gilles Mussard.

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  • Hans Vollmar (1915–1945)

    Hans Vollmar war Assistent am I. Chemischen Laboratorium und Mitglied einer Widerstandsgruppe. Er wurde am 5. April 1945 von Professor Jörn Lange...

    Courtesy: Österreichische Zentralbibliothek für Physik & Fachbereichsbibliothek Chemie